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Welcome to Infinity's Rising.

Infinity's Rising is a FF Anitaverse Room based loosely on the fine novels written by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is not required to read the novels to play here, but is strongly recommended.

This room is set in Calgary Canada...

Calgary is the largest city in the prairie province of Alberta, three hours south of the capital, Edmonton. Situated on the banks of the Bow River, Calgary is a major center of trade and commerce, thanks mostly to it's location. The Number 1 Highway, as well as the major rail lines, and its International Airport all aid in making the city a corporate and industrial giant.

It's home to the worlds largest Outdoor Exhibition, the Calgary Stampede, drawing crowds from all across the world. The night life and nearbye tourist attractions allow visitors to always find something to do.

Calgary is slowly growing into a center for supernatural growth. Unlike the United States, Canada has just recently passed laws making vampires legal citizens, and Lycanthropy is still noted as a disease, thou racism to the kinds is very well noted.
Currently, the Executioner of Calgary is a man by the name of Dante Ramos, a Necromancer of some repute. When it comes to the supernatural, he is the head man.

Until only recently, the city did not have much in the way of leadership for its supernatural denizens. This is changing, slowly. The Ferrum Sangre Lukoi, a pack of Werewolves lead by an alpha named Cole Gaunt, were the only real Lycan presence in the city before the last few months. The Shemsu-Sekhmet, a pard of Leopards from Miami, have slipped in, dominating the leopard population. Marieke Van Curen, a very powerful Master Vampire from northern europe, whom has been in Calgary little over ten years, outsing the previous Master of the City, a bare child by her standards.

Care to try? Care to take the risk? Because where there's risk, there's always great reward.


Love sucks. Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it's just another way to bleed. -LKH