Not just people with fangs

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((The information below is attributed to Kansas City Sins))


Vampires: Beautiful and terrible, they are seductive and destructive. Whether the prey is willing or not the vampire must feed. Vampires are above all monsters, and they will feed upon the unwilling at random. Trust in your senses as the sensualism of the Vampire can draw you in no matter your sexual preference. Yet those with strong will can fight the Vampire off, mentally that is, but it all depends upon the strength of the Vampire, for once the Vampire passes a certain age, your fighting may be in vain.
Vampires are long lived. The oldest one known was at least a million years old, but most are in the range of several centuries old. They can withstand most attacks and can be killed with a wooden stake through the heart. However, thanks to modern technology, other means have been discovered. They can be sawed in half with an uzi. They can be killed with a bullet if it is injected with silver nitrate. A hypodermic needle filled with silver nitrate is also effective. They should also have their head cut off and their heart cut out and burnt, the ashes sprinkled over running water. Vampires are unable to enter a dwelling until they have been first invited inside. Once invited inside, however, they can return whenever they wish, until the invitation is revoked. If they are in the house at the time, the removal is swift and magical, with the door opening and a wind driving them out.

Master Vampires

Master Vampires possess additional powers above that of the normal vampire. They can call an animal to their aid, including lycanthropes of that animal. They also usually have an additional power, depending upon what vampire created them. Some can use sex as a means of gaining power or obtaining nourishment. Others use fear. Still others have the ability to lose their form and rot, like a corpse. In this form, it is very difficult to kill them, and they can reform at a later time to their original state. Master of the City is a term used for the master vampire in charge of the other vampires in a city. It is a term of power, but it also gives power to the master vampire that wields that title.


Vampires cannot face holy objects if faith is used to back them up. Not only crosses, but also holy items from other religions. When they confront them, a bright light shines from them and the object will burn, especially if it comes in actual contact with the vampire's skin. A religious symbol can include crosses as well as miniature holy books, like the Torah.
When a master vampire is part of a pack feeding and the victim dies, in three days they will rise from the dead as a an animalistic vampire; a revenant. It's like they are on PCP. Pain doesn't stop them. Even the pain of confronting a cross. Against one such vampire, a hole was burnt into a woman's chest because the heat of the cross reacting to the vampire was too great.


If you decide to become a vampire, be sure to check out the Church of Eternal Life. They have councillors there for an easy transition. But they may not tell you everything. For instance, the master vampire who brings you over will have almost absolute power over you. Choose your master carefully.
You won't rise as a vampire if you're killed by more than one vampire in a mass feeding. You must have just one vampire feeding over a space of several days. There are some rare exceptions in which one bite can make a corpse rise as a vampire. A very powerful master vamp can sometimes contaminate every corpse it touches. But normally you must have three bites ending with death. Your corpse will glow in the dark which is kinda cool. After three days as a corpse, you will rise as a vampire. Hungry.
Vampires do not age, so whatever age you died at is the age you will remain. Oh, and don't worry about being raised as a zombie during your three days of death. If you're going to rise as a vampire you cannot be raised as a zombie. Whatever it is that makes a vampire interferes with a raising. Charisma maybe?
Vampires live on a diet of blood alone. That means no food, so you can give up those chocolate chip cookies you're hiding in the back of the pantry. No drinking either. If you feel the need, you can kick back once and a while and get drunk by feeding off beings with power. And no hangover!


Warning! You don't need to kill your victims to enjoy their blood. If you choose to kill, remember that it will be difficult to stop. People are like potato chips to vampires. Once you've tasted them, its hard to stop at just one! And don't flaunt your victims. It attracts attention, usually with a stake in one hand and a cross in the other. Vampires are practical. You won't stay alive for centuries unless you're discreet and ruthless. Most vampires stay near cities where its easy to hide their victims.Vampires live on a diet of blood alone. That means no food, so you can give up those chocolate chip cookies you're hiding in the back of the pantry. No drinking either. If you feel the need, you can kick back once and a while and get drunk by feeding off beings with power. And no hangover!
You will probably end up as a solitary hunter but you may end up hunting in a pack. You certainly will at the beginning when you are newly dead and an older vampire is teaching you the ropes. You may also be forced to hunt in a pack if the master vampire controlling you goes rogue. Some masters use a group kill to solidify the pack.
One last thing to consider is that no vampire can bite a victim three times within a month without running the risk of killing them and raising them as a vamp. So choose your victims carefully. You wouldn't want a passel of whiny vamps underfoot, would you?

Modern Ways

If the hunting is bad, you can always check out the local Freak parties for hassle free dining. Vampire freaks are people that like vampires for sexual turn-ons. They usually hide their marks unless at one of their hangouts. If you see a human with visible bites, they are probably members of the Church of Eternal Life. They are proud of their bites and see them as signs of salvation. You should probably check with Malcolm (Master Vampire of the Church of Eternal Life) before indulging with them.
A Reinfield is a human with just a couple of bites. There is nothing particularly special about them. The term came from the character in the novel Dracula. Before the book, they were called slaves.
A Pomme de Sang is considered very special. The name means "apple of blood" and is a sobriquet among the Council for willing food. If you feed from a Pomme de Sang you are duty bound to protect them, like a shepherd keeping the wolf from his sheep.

Vampire Marks

When a vampire wants a human servant , he/she must give their intended four vampire marks. Only a master vampire can have a human servant.

First Mark
The vampire shares his/her "life force" with the human. This makes the human immune to their vampire's glance, voice and mind tricks. However, they might still be susceptible to other vampires. Anita, being a necromancer, became immune to almost all vampires with this mark. In addition, it becomes much harder to hurt the human servant.

Second Mark
Two points of flame from the vampire come and overtake the human. They merge into the human's eyes, causing them to glow briefly with color, and then they vanish. After this point, the dreams of the human can be invaded by the vampire. Also, the vampire can feed off the human from a distance, and can sustain their life energy by using the life energy of the human servant as opposed to drinking blood. The human will tend to eat much more than normal and the extra energy is siphoned off by the vampire and the vampire can taste the food that is being eaten.

Third Mark
The vampire drinks the blood of the human, not to death, but close enough. During this time, the initial bite might hurt, but then the scents take over. Depending upon the vampire, or depending upon whether there is another focus (ie a werewolf or some other third in a triumverate ) a scent is detected. Sometimes flowers ( Alejandro ) and sometimes earthy, woodsy scents ( Richard ). This establishes a more firm link. Direct mind contact can now be opened between the vampire and his/her human servant.

Fourth Mark
The vampire opens a blood supply, usually in the chest, and the human servant drinks from it. Usually a phrase of power is chanted at the moment of the feeding.
The human servant is now very difficult to kill and will live as long as the vampire lives. Some human servants have been known to be several centuries old.
The result is, the human lives as long as the vampire does and possesses his/her strength and stamina, without giving up the daylight. Wounds heal much more quickly and they can withstand greater levels of physical pain. They are linked to the vampire telepathically, but the vampire cannot 'roll their mind' anymore.
A human does not necessarily need all four marks to become a human servant. For example, Anita Blake was considered Jean-Claude's human servant when she had no marks, and now, with only three of the four marks, she is still referred to as his human servant.
A vampire can only have one human servant. If the human servant is killed, it is possible to kill the vampire at the same time from the action. However, the stronger the vampire, the less likely he/she will die with the death of their human servant. When a vampire is killed, a human servant will follow him/her to death as well, again, unless they are strong enough to withstand the psychic separation. For example, when Anita killed Alejandro, she should have died, as her heart had stopped. However, Edward performed CPR on her until the paramedics arrived, thus saving her life. When Oliver was killed, Karl Inger died along with him.


A triumvirate is a group of three preternatural creatures who combine their powers in order to create an even bigger whole. When the powers are combined, they create a unified force that is greater than the sum of the parts.
The participants need not be the strongest of their respective groupings, but the higher the level, the more powerful the triumvirate.
In order to activate the triumvirate, one of two venues are needed: a ritual, or sex. It then must be finished with blood.
When Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard first shared power, it was a shock to all of them. Anita acted as the conduit between Jean-Claude's power, a cool rushing wind , and Richard's power, all warmth and electricity . When the power was pumped into her, she had difficulty controlling it, her natural inclination was to channel it into an activity, namely, raising the dead. She ended up not only raising zombies, but also raising vampires, namely Willie , Liv and Damian .
There are three triumvirates that are described in the series. The main one, being Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard, and two others. One in KD consisting of Sabin, Cassandra and Dominic and the other in BO consisting of Padma, Thomas and Gabriel.
When Anita and Richard made love, this serves to bind both of them closer to each other, and closer to Jean-Claude. It is a detail that the vampire told to Richard, but not to Anita. Damian admitted to Anita that with the fourth mark, she could gain all of Jean-Claude's powers without having to give up her humanity, but Anita is not willing to go that far.
If the participants are strong enough, holes can be formed in their auras if the marks are not "married." Mystical defenses will be down unless they are touching each other. Marrying the marks involves closing the holes at one's chakra points, the points at which each participant in the triumvirate is linked to the other.

Vampire Facts

Important Safety Tips

Cross - The light hurts your eyes and its touch can leave a nasty scar that will not heal. Remember that the cross must be blessed and backed up by faith. Feel free to munch on any atheist waving a cross at you. Other religious symbols probably work the same but the theory hasn't been sufficiently tested.
On a curious note, be aware that crosses don't always glow around vampires. They seem to wait for ones that mean harm, though there are exceptions both ways.
Holy Wafers - I'm not sure what would happen if you actually touched one - probably a burn. But a holy wafer placed on windows and doors will prevent vampires from entering a building.
Silver - Potentially fatal, depending on your age and where you get hit. The younger you are, the more likely it is to kill you. Wounds caused by silver will heal almost human slow.
Holy Water - Burns like acid. You cannot heal Holy Water burns.
Fire - Vampires are very combustible. Once you get burning, you keep burning 'til someone puts you out.
Burning Metal - Permanent scars can be created if you shove burning metal into a wound. Fire purifies and stops the healing process, unless you reopen the wound.
Daylight - Stay out of it. 'Nuff said.

Physical Characteristics

Reproduction - Vampires cannot make babies without a human partner. Most vamps over 100 are sterile, though using a hot tub to keep the body temperature up seems to help. Newly dead vampire males often have leftover sperm from before death. Doctors recommend you wait six weeks before sex after you've become a vampire. Remember, a baby fathered by a vampire runs the risk of Vlad syndrome, a rare birth defect. This can be tested with an amnio.
Female vamps can get pregnant, usually with the newly dead. But the body spontaneously aborts or reabsorbs the baby. A dead body can't give life.
Tears - Vampire tears are tinged red with blood.
Smell - Vampires in a closed, hot space tend to smell. They don't smell like dead bodies. It's the smell of snakes and yet that isn't it either. It's a neck-ruffling smell. Thick, musky, more reptile than mammal. The smell of vampires.
Glow - Strong emotions, like fear, lust, or anger tend to make lesser vampires lose their humanity. Their skin takes on a translucent, almost glowing quality.
Saliva - Vampires have an anticoagulent in their saliva that keeps the blood flowing.
Bleed - Vampires bleed almost like a person.

Fang Facts

* It's a mark of the new dead that they flash their fangs around. They like the shock effect.
* Coffin-bait is a whore that does vampires or is addicted to having their mind rolled, they are also known as Vampire Junkies.
* To stay in a city, all lesser vampires must ask the permission of the Master of the City.
* A vampire who has been invited into a home can be forced to leave if the invitation is revoked. You will hear a sound like a low sonic pop. A great roaring will fill the room. The door will smash open and a wind will rush in like an invisible river. The vampire will be forcibly removed as if by an invisible hand. The door will slam shut behind him. A vampire invitation can be revoked only by the person who issued it.
* Anita has never met an older vampire that drives. The older vamps tend to be a bit technophobic.
* Vampires offer their throat, or wrist, or the bend of their elbow to each other as a formal greeting. The lesser offer up their flesh to the greater as an acknowledgment of power.
* When a vampire's companion places their hand on the pulse of the vampire's wrist, it declares their status. It shows that they are his human servant or lover and that the vampire considers them his equal.

A Bit of History

Two hundred years ago the Church joined forces with the military in Germany, England, and almost every European country except France. They burned out every vampire or suspected vampire sympathizer in a single day. The history books call is the Day of Cleansing. Vampires call it the Inferno.
It is believed that France did not join because the King of France had a vampire mistress. The French Revolutionaries put out propaganda that the nobility were all vampires at one point, which wasn't true of course. Some say that's why the guillotine was so popular. It kills both the living and the undead.

Daylight Death

When you go to "sleep" for the day it is like dying. It is not gradual like going to sleep. There is pain then your eyes will close all at once. Either your soul or the force that animates you will leave your body. You will not breath and you will have no pulse. You are dead.

Love sucks. Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it's just another way to bleed. -LKH