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Character Generation Rules

Note: When certain levels of power are told they are allowed X amount of abilities, passive and automatic abilities do not count towards this X.


First, select a species – keep in mind that the wolf, rat, and hyena strains of lycanthropy are much, much more contagious than any other, so it is these varieties of lycanthropy that are most common (and easiest approved):

Wolf, Rat, Hyena, Leopard, Snake, Tiger, Lion, Bear, Other

If you selected Other, write what type of animal you would like and a short description as to why. We are currently not accepting any panweres.

Next, select a level of power for your lycanthrope:

New: A new lycanthrope is nothing more than a human infected with lycanthropy. Their skin will be more fevered than usual and their appetite will be increased. At the first full moon after becoming infected, the person will shift into their beast-form for the first time, and will then become a “weak” lycanthrope.

Weak: Weak lycanthropes are people that have not been lycanthropes for very long, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Weak lycanthropes have little to no control and are assigned an alpha lycanthrope sponsor to help them through their transition in getting used to their new condition. They will react and possibly even shift against their will when exposed to blood, fear, or sex.

Submissive: Submissives are basically base level moderates. They have the ability to control their shifts, but will never develop powers beyond that. They tend to be truely subserviant or submissive in nature as their beast simply is not strong enough to progress beyond that level. Can often be targets for more powerful lycans but conversely are often protected

Moderate: A moderate lycanthrope has a decent amount of control over his or her beast, able to control the change in themselves even if exposed to blood, fear, and sex (though they will still shift against their will at the full moon and their control will become harder to maintain the closer to the full moon it becomes) – they are able to lead normal lives outside of the preternatural world if they so choose. It is in this stage that most lycanthropes end up in – most do not grow in power above this.

Strong Moderate: A strong moderate is the next most populous class of lycanthropes even though most do not evolve past moderate level. Strong moderates still control the change in themselves, but they also possess the ability to shift without the negative effect of a shift-coma and the ability to use metaphysical shields to protect their aura.

Alpha: About one in six of any lycanthrope group is an alpha. Alphas are the next stage in the lycanthrope ladder – they possess all the abilities of a strong moderate as well as the ability to command and compel lesser lycanthropes. It is possible for a regular alpha to have one Alpha power, but most have none.

Strong Alpha: A strong alpha is something extremely rare – even in a group of hundreds of lycanthropes, there are a handful or less of them. Strong alphas usually retain positions (whether official ones like in the pack or unofficial enforcers / nurturers in other groups) in their respective lycanthrope groups and are in a constant battle to become as dominant as they can be. In our room, strong alphas are allowed a maximum of three Alpha powers, but most will have only one or two.

Alpha Lycanthrope Leaders: The strongest of all lycanthropes, the leader of groups must be strong of will, physical prowess, and metaphysical power. Leaders are rare, the rarest of all lycanthropes. They have a maximum of four Alpha powers, not including shield the call which is automatic – keep in mind, the mortality rate of those who wish to be leaders is extremely high, as some leaders in power do not honor the basic rules of chivalry.


Choose your vampire’s age exact age. The breakdown of ages below is a rough guideline to decide upon your vampire’s power, but there are exceptions to this rule. A vampire’s power increases with age, but only to a point – a vampire’s power is well-defined after a few centuries.

700+ (We will not be accepting any Master Vampires over the age of 700, but regular vampires will be accepted past this number, much like Damian in the books)

Next, choose a level of power for your vampire.

New: New vampires are the recently brought over dead. Many still retain their tans from their human life, not yet gaining the pale pallor of vampires. While they have super-human strength, speed, senses and posses a myriad of other minor powers, they do not possess any overly strong powers but are still walking terrors.

Moderate: A moderate vampire has been a vampire for several decades at least, enough time to become used to his new state of undead life. They can appear inhumanely still, blood not even flowing through their veins. Moderate vampires have the ability to fly, but usually little more than that. They are stronger and more resilient than new vampires, however.

Old Moderate: Most vampires do not have the ability to become Master Vampires. After a few centuries, if a vampire has not become a Master Vampire, he or she never will. But despite not becoming Master Vampires, old moderate vampires are very scary things indeed – they have full control over their own abilities and the experience and age - and the resilience, strength, and power that comes with it.

Master Vampire: A vampire will discover whether or not he or she can become a Master Vampire after one or two centuries, perhaps three at the most. A Master Vampire is a vampire able to strike out on his own and leave his previous Master to start his own kiss (a kiss being a group of vampires, much like a flock of birds or a herd of cows). For the purposes of our room, a Master Vampire can have 1 to 2 Master powers, but no prime powers (these are marked by an * or otherwise noted on the powers list).

Strong Master Vampire: A Master Vampire of several centuries that has beat the odds and discovered he has higher potential than staying a regular Master Vampire will find himself a strong Master Vampire. For the purposes of our room, strong Master Vampires may have a maximum of three Master powers, where only ONE of these can be a designated prime power (as marked or noted on the powers list).

Master of the City: The strongest Master Vampire in a region becomes the Master Vampire of the City, shortened to Master of the City (MotC). MotCs must be both extremely powerful and very cautious – they have an extremely high mortality rate, from both vampires attempting to usurp them, but more commonly being killed by humans who discover their whereabouts. They are, however, extremely powerful beings, strong in raw power but with centuries of experience wielding it, lending them a deft metaphysical touch and skilled hand. For the purposes of our room, a Master of the City may have a maximum of four Master powers, where only ONE of these can be a designated prime power (as marked or noted on the powers list).
((Human Chars More Loosely Based , See Human Section for Powers, Types, etc))

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