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Members Only Kill/Capture Zone

Only approved members may attack or in any way harm a character in this room. Remember, while only accepted characters may cause injury, death is something your character will have to watch out for. This is a vampire room. There are no elysiums, no truely safe havens. Also, please note. While captures and kidnappings can occur, no character may be removed from Infinity Rising without A) The kidnapped players consent. B) Proper clues left on the message board to find the character. C) The room to which the kidnapped character is being taken allows IR characters entry, without modification to their sheets, to allow for rescues.

Approved Characters Only

We will provide a character creation template and there are powers for your creature type listed on the MB. Please refer to these and create a character sheet with a bio of the character's history.When finished, please post your character sheet on our message board for approval. 

No Crossover Characters

This is an Anitaverse based room, No WOD, WW or other types of charcters here. Please familiarize yourself with the creature types availible here


Observers, please place an '~o~' next to a proper name ('Mark', 'Sue', etc.). Try to not use 'humorous' tags. Please ask questions in PM and keep OOC to a minimum. Please recall that this is a RP site, and just observe quietly if you do not wish to join us in play.

No Forced Sexual RP

Rape happens. It happens in R/T, it happens in RP, too. I understand that. But it is not everyone's idea of a good time to play such an event out. It might disturb some terribly. In the event that a rape RP is attempted, do NOT think to intimidate the other room member into playing it out. There is no shame in not being able to handle this or saying 'no.' A simple solution is to simply PM to the other member explaining your intentions. If they do not wish to do this, they may simply refuse. The two members should try and reach a mutual compromise that does not involve a forced sexual act. If you bully or harass someone, an investigation will be conducted, and you may be asked to not return.

No Minors:

This is an adult room with adult themes. If the room owners find evidence that you are under the age of eighteen, they will ban you from further play and report the incident to the site authorities. This is non-negotiable.


Please keep OOC chatter and conversation to an acceptable level while in the room. If you are asked to take OOC to PM, do so. Please no arguements. Open posts should be saved for RP, when it is happening

No Underage Characters

This room does allow mild open scening and so no underage characters will be accepted. 18 and over only please

Secondary or Tertiary Characters

And Lastly this is not an official ruling, just some friendly advice. You can have as many as 4 characters each. However, before anyone should look at a secondary char, their primary char should have already found their niche within the room . By that I mean, have already developed friends, allies and enemies etc amongst other characters, PC or NPC. Also, no more then two creatures of a powerful (alpha // master) level.We do ask that you try and limit playing two characters of the same type (vamp, leopard, wolf, pyro etc) If you would like to make more than one character in the same group because of a storyline idea, submit your request to the admins

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