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-Combat Rules-

1) First and foremost. Remember, while a fight is a very serious part of roleplay, it is also a very fun and interesting part. So give it the respect it deserves, afterall, your characters life may be on the line. But never let it get out of hand, or over-stressful. If this becomes the case, take a step back, breathe, and give yourself a chance to straighten things up. We don't want people running away becauses the pressure was too much.

2) Secondly, this is a GAME. The character isn't REAL. Alot of people don't get this fact, and it causes problems. Don't be afraid to loose a character. Afterall, these things happen. I, myself, have lost nearly half a dozen characters over the years. It's a part of RP life, its a part of growth, and its a learning experience. If you loose a character, try try again.

3) THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FORCED POSTING! This is a point that simply cannot be stressed enough. Many places say "No forced posting", and cause a big ruckus when they see something they considere "forced". Here, absolutely nothing is "forced", save for the limitations of your own character. Just because someone says "I drive my fist into your stomache, throwing all the force at my disposal, to drive the wind from your lungs" doesn't mean it happens. That simply means that is what he is going for. THERE WILL BE NO ACCUSATIONS OF FORCED POSTING, simply because it does not exist here. An addition to this note is, remember this well. Just because you attempt to move someone, or change their possition, doesn't mean it will happen, so be careful not to make streaming moves dependant on the success on the last. If you do (ie A1 - I grab you by the wrist, wrenching you over my back and onto the ground A2 - I, then, leap down onto you, driving my fist into your face..), then all dependant actions (in this example, A2) will be considered blocked.

4) Be descriptive. The more you leave out, the more you leave to the imagination of your opponent. If you forget to mention something, it will be your opponents responsibility to descide the unmentioned factors, which can make things go very badly for you.

5) A fight will consist of a maximum of 5 actions. An action is anything that has bearing on the current match. The following is a list of examples.
- Movement and possitioning of your character in the battlefield. If you are moving more than a pair of CASUAL steps, this will be considered an action
- An attack. An attack is any action directed towards bringing harm to your opponent.
- A defense. A defense is any method of avoiding, stopping or softening a blow. Blocks, dodges, and cushioning are all considered a defense.
- Control of other beings. Directing other beings (for example, a vampire directing animal servants, or an Ulfric ordering a lesser wolf into action) is considered a full action.
- Shifting. Shifting has a major bearing on a fight. However, shifting is a touch more interesting to deal with. Newly changed and submissive shifters will take 3 actions to change their form. Moderates will take 2 actions. Alpha's must take one action. Alphic leaders (Ulfric, Raj, Ra, Oba, etc) may transform as part of a combo. As a note. While shifting, New and Submissive lycans cannot do anything during their 3 actions. Moderates may move and evade, though that is about it. Alphics may defend in any way during a shift.

6) There will be a time-limit on posting. 15 minutes. Each additional minute afterwards looses 1 action from the end of your post. You will have a 2 warnings on this. This will obviously be extended for situations involving RT invasion (remember, RT always comes first). By the 21st minute after your opponents post was made, if you have yet to post, your entire turn is forfeit, with all actions made by your opponent occuring exactly as stated, and your opponent may post again.
Note: The extension on post time will be allowed only 2 times in any given spar. After that, the spar will be ruled fallen out, and it will have to be redone at a more convenient time.
Note2: People who regularily use the time extension may find this privilage revoked. While I would like to think people can be trusted, I know too many would be willing to rape this rule for their own advantage.
Note3: Time extensions will only be granted if more than 5 additional minutes are required. The additional time shall be 10 more minutes, no further.

7) All actions will be numbered and lettered, to better aid the judges. "A" indicates an attack. "D" indicates a defense. "M" indicates a movement. "O" indicates anything else (ie commanding others, shifting, etc). So, your first attack will be A1, your second A2, and so on. The same with everything else. Do not forget to number and indicate your actions. This will result in deducted points.

8 ) There will be absolutely NO BACKPOSTING. For those who are unaware. A backpost is where you go back on a previous action, in lieu of another, more effective one as the situation progresses. This will not be allowed. All defenses will be determined, successful attacks landed, followed by new actions.
Jason - A1) Striding into the fight, I turn my body to the right, my right fist bunching tightly. A split moment later, I twist back to the left, my right fist raising and crashing through the air for your chest, the blow solid enough to stagger you. A2) I continue my leftward spin, raising my left leg to bring it around for a solid roundhouse blow for your shoulder.
Marcus - D1) As you move in and coil your body, I simply remain for but a moment. As your fist comes in towards me, however, my knees start to buckle, lowering me slightly. Tipping my head to the side, I raise my left arm, catching your forearm against my own, diverting your attack from its inteded target. D2) Your left foot comes in against my shoulder, however, and pain shoots through my body. Carrying on to my right, following the path of your foot, I toss myself into a shoulder roll, to lessen the impact, barely saving my arm from being broken. A1) The moment my feet get under me, I launch myself at you, driving my fists for a double punch to your stomache.

Now this is a BAD response.

Jason> - You duck and block my arm, so I carry through, before using my leftward motion to catch your neck in a bear-hug...
Nope, right there is a backpost. That will not be allowed. The proper way to carry that post would be to attend to the double fist punch, and carry on with the spar. This is non-negotiable. Not following this ends up having just a long string of posts revolving around the same 5 second interval, and that is not what a spar is for.

9) Spars shall last no more than 5 turns, with the exception being dominance/death spars. Each player will make an opening post, describing stance, form, obvious weapons (concealed weapons will be private messaged to a judge present, or posted in PM over the messageboard to genni, so as not to offer the temptation for OOC information use. Note, if an item is not mentioned, it will be considered not there, and any action utilizing said item will be considered null and void). Four full posts will be allowed afterwards, and then the fifth action will consist only of movements and defenses. NO OTHER ACTION IS ALLOWED. Each turn after the fourth that combatants continue to make offensive actions against one another will result in a -1 penalty for each offensive action.
In the case of dominance spars, the spar lasts until it is broken up, or one submits. It is encouraged that spars not be allowed to last longer than 5 posts, as such characters are too equally matched to fully allow for dominance.
Death spars will continue until the combatants break from combat, or one is killed.

10) All spars will be judged. However, Dominance spars will only be judged for judging's sake, and not to determine the winner, unless the match was broken up. In the case of a breakup match, the competitor with the most points is considered dominant over the other, having shown more combative prowess.
Death Spars shall be judged for judgings sake only, to show other typists mistakes and good actions.

11) Here is a point on damage and attacking. Attacks like a lycan lashing with his beast, or a vampires ranged damage attacks cannot be blocked. However, damage recieved is up to the reciever (be reasonable here, people).

More rules may be added at a later time.

-Judging Criteria-

All posts shall begin with 10 points. Meaning a very basic, bland, but by the book fight will have a top end of 40 points.

Getting additional points:

You get additional points for certain things in a fight. Creativity, inventiveness, use of surroundings, sometimes just a simply awesome post. It is up to the specific judge to determine how many additional points may be garnered. Though no single action may gain more than +1 for the post.

Loosing points:
It is a fair amount easier to loose points. Backposting, lack of realism, lack of description, not numbering and labeling your posts, more actions than permissable, using items you had hidden and did not claim to a judge... these things will all loose you points. Howeve, unlike gaining points, there is no limit to the number of points a single action can grant you, and the score of a post CAN drop below 0, effectively cancelling out other points you had, or will get.

As a note. NO judge will bash or verbally abuse ANY competitor. If a judge cannot hold their tongue and be clear, concise and impartial, the judges ruling will be negated. If a judges ruling is negated twice, said judge will be removed from the panel. NO exceptions, NO second chances. The judging panel is not meant to bash people, insult their capability, or destroy morale. The judges are here to ensure that fights are fair, that the rules are not broken, to decide winners, and to offer advice or lessons on how to improve sparring skill. Period.

-Judge List-
SmileyTPB (Aka:: Tristan Severo, Joaquin Devereaux and Maxwell Keifer)
Mizery (Aka:: Marieke Van Curen, Tragedy Payne and Tryx)
Ty (Aka:: Cole Gaunt and Oz Revenant)
ldyjayded (Aka::  Evelina and Thorn)

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