Lycan Powers

Always get out of the way of a charging werewolf.

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General Lycanthrope Abilities

The following powers and abilities are available to all lycanthropes regardless of whether they are a lesser, moderate, or an alpha lycanthrope.


All lycanthropes can shift into their beast form. In general, this is a very painful process where tissue and flesh is torn asunder, bones cracked and re-melded, and muscles reshaped. There is both a pure beast form and a half-beast form (which would seem like an actual man-wolf that most think of when they picture a werewolf). Even the regular animal form is much larger than regular beasts of that kind – wererats turn into rats the size of dogs, werewolves turn into wolves the size of small ponies, ect.
For the purposes of this room’s combat system, new lycanthropes (those who are infected but have not yet shifted) are unable to shift; weak lycanthropes require 4 actions to shift; moderate lycanthropes require 3 actions to shift; strong moderates and regular alphas require 2 actions to shift; strong alpha lycanthropes and lycanthrope leaders require 1 action to shift.

Improved Strength

All Lycanthropes upon their first change are gifted with increased and enhanced physical strength. The average lycanthrope can lift a car over their heads or punch right through a wall clear to the other side.

Improved Resilience

Lycans are amazingly resilient, compared to humans. Beatings, gunshot wounds, and blades don't seem to faze them much. Very simply, a lycan can take far more punishment than a human could hope to, and remain vertical and dangerous.

Improved Speed

Lycanthropes are faster than both humans and vampires. They are just simply quicker and better. No mind tricks, natural ability. With this speed comes a natural animalistic grace to their movements. Quick, agile, liquidly graceful. They are so fast that they can appear to be a blur.

Improved Senses

Lycanthropes can hear and smell with crystal clarity at such a heightened state that even the newest werewolf is able to smell fear, lust, and even the small subconscious olfactory scents associated with lying. They may not be able to recognize what it is they are scenting, but its there. Lycanthropes can even sense and smell when another of their kind is near. For group minded animals, they are able to get a scent of pack, pard, or rodere on the newcomer if they're part of the local population and if the shifter themselves is part of that group. Other than the familiar smell of the pack for example, shifters can scent another lycanthrope, but generally they aren’t able to tell the species.


Lycanthropes heal themselves at a very advanced rate in most situations. This enhanced healing comes into play except when it comes to wounds inflicted by silver and lycan/vampire teeth and claws.

General Moderate Lycanthrope Powers

The following powers are available for moderate lycanthropes to choose from during initial character creation, and for character ability update requests.

Control Change in Self

With this ability, the lycanthrope is able to control and keep themselves from shifting during situations of strong emotions, anger, and fear, holding the shift back or staving it off completely until it is convenient for them to shape-shift. Using this power gets increasingly more difficult the closer to the full moon it is. On the night of the full moon, the shifter cannot fully hold back the change and must shift; this power allows them to choose the time and place is all. NOTE: Having this ability does not counter act the alpha power to control the shift of a lycanthrope. Any moderate or strong moderate lycanthrope will possess this ability.

Strong Moderate Lycanthrope Powers

No Shift-Coma (Stong Moderate Only)
A normal lycanthrope once shifted must stay that way for 8-10 Hours, and then when they shift back to their normal form, most lycanthropes are unconscious in what is called a "Shift-Coma". This is just a natural process of the body readjusting to the strain and overcoming exhaustion. A shifter with this power does not experience the shift coma. All strong moderate lycanthropes will possess this power.

Shields(Strong Moderate Only)

Shields allow lycans to protect themselves from presence, psychic, and aura powers – this is not a physical ability. The strength of these shields depends on both the raw power and discipline of the lycanthrope in question. Full shields create a “blind-spot” in a searching person’s ability to sense – imagine seeing a group of people and one of them looks as if they have been edited out. You might not know what that person is, but you would know someone was there shielding. All strong moderate lycanthropes will possess this power to some degree – shield “strength” varies.

General Alpha Lycanthrope Power

All alphas automatically possess all the above general powers and moderate powers, some passive alpha abilities, and possibly a few other powers as well. The two passive alpha abilities possessed by ALL alphas are stated below. These powers do NOT count towards your alpha powers count.


Commanding is the ability to dominate a lycanthrope who is lesser than you with your beast – this could even be another alpha if they are substantially weaker. This ability causes an animalistic fear and almost panic to rise up in the target, which makes them much more susceptible to orders. A lycanthrope must be very lesser to you to be commanded – those close in power or above you will be unaffected.
As a note, this power can be used on lycans out of species, just as easily as within species.

Control Change of Others

Like being able to control the change in themselves, lycanthropes with this ability have the power to aid and help others in controlling their inner beast. They can calm and prevent a change or they can even force an unwilling change on the victim should they want. An extreme version of this is where the lycanthrope with this power wraps a metaphysical hand around the inner beast of their victim and yanks it out of them, causing the victim to literally explode out of their human shell and shift instantly all at once. It is an even more painful process than regular shifting. A lycanthrope must be very lesser to you to be force-shifted – those close in power or above you will be unaffected. In the series, Richard pulled the beast from Jamil, even though Jamil was a strong alpha.
As a note, The calming effects of this power will only work fully on one of the same species. Different species causes a severe decrease in the the powers effectiveness, though level is still an issue.
As a second note, it is impossible to force a shift, through metaphysical means like this power, in a creature outside of your species. IE Tristan the Leopard Raj could not force shift Tryx, a Moderate Wolf.

Alpha Lycanthrope Powers

The following abilities are only available to Alpha level Lycanthropes. ALL of these powers are RARE, though some are rarer than others. Most alphas have NO powers besides the basic ones outlined above. Lycanthropes possessing too many powers will be seen as a challenger to a group’s leadership and will be dealt with accordingly.

Facial Manipulation

With this ability, the lycanthrope is able to physically alter their facial appearance to slight degrees. It is not an illusion, but is instead actual facial reconstruction by shifting bones and flesh within their face. The extent of the change is subtle and innocuous. A lycanthrope with this ability can alter his or her appearance to look like a sibling, or a cousin or appear younger or older. It is enough of a change to be distinguishable as a different person, but not so much that the resemblance isn’t seen.

Fast Shift to Animal (Strong Alpha Only)

Shape-shifting is usually a painful and slow process, where skin is split in a wash of clear fluids and bones are broken and reshaped. A lycanthrope with the fast shift to animal ability is able to change nearly instantaneously into his beast form, without any side effects such as pain or dizziness. The ability to shift quickly from animal and back to human is a very rare combination – only one person in the series was able to do it. For the purposes of our combat system, a lycanthrope with fast shift to animal will not have any of their five actions removed when they shift to their animal or half-beast form.

Fast Shift to Human

This ability works the same as the above fast shift to animal, except it is from the beast form to human form. The ability to shift quickly from animal and back to human is a very rare combination – only one person in the series was able to do it. For the purposes of our combat system, a lycanthrope with fast shift to human will not have any of their five actions removed when they shift back to their human form.

Partial Shift (Strong Alpha Only)

With this ability, the lycanthrope can partially shift select parts of their bodies into animal or half animal form. The most common use of this power is the ability to partially shift the lycanthropes hands into animal claws for combat. This is stated again and again in the books as a rare power. Do keep that in mind.

Shield the Call (Strong Alpha Only)

Shielding the call of a Master Vampire is a matter of dominance, a competition of wills. Leaders of large lycanthrope groups in our chat will automatically be assigned this power with a certainly that the use of it will succeed. However, other strong alpha lycanthropes can possess this power as well, though it is not certain they will succeed.
If a non-leader strong alpha lycanthrope attempts to resist the call of a Master Vampire, he will have a 3/10 chance to completely resist the call, a 3/10 chance to resist the call but be unable to attack the Master Vampire that made the call, and a 2/10 chance to not be able to personally resist the call but be able to protect lesser lycanthropes. The remaining 2/10 chance will mean that the Master Vampire was completely successful. This will be decided by 10-sided dice-roll done by a combat judge or admin – numbers 1 - 3 yield complete resistance, 4 – 6 yields resistance without the chance for lycanthrope reprisal, 7 – 8 yields protection of lessers but not of self, and 9 – 10 yields complete control by a Master Vampire.
Dice Roll:

Venom Bite (Weresnakes Only)

While many are familiar with the breeds of snakes like the immortal nagas and lamia, or the children of the lamia who are quite mortal, there are also weresnakes that follow the cycle of the moon just as other lycanthropes do. One of their specific powers is that of a venomous bite – this poison is not fatal, but does send extreme pain to the victim and even paralyzes if the dose is strong enough.

Call the Flesh (Cat Only)

This ability lets a lycanthrope heal other people by licking their wounds. Where their tongue passes over torn flesh, it becomes miraculously healed. While mortal wounds will not be healed by this ability, most others will. This power is even rarer than partial shift – only one lycanthrope in the series had it.

Natural Rat Control (Rats Only)

Wererats with this ability are able to call and control/command any natural rats in the area. This is not the same thing as a vampire’s ability to call and control an animal – instead, it is merely the wererat exerting dominance over the regular rats in much the same manner as an alpha wererat would command lessers.

Healing (Wolf Only)

Healing is the ability to heal injuries in a manner very similar to Call the Flesh, but instead it comes at the price of either blood or sex. It is a very taxing ability to use, but it can heal grievous injuries that nothing else could, even bringing someone back from the brink of death. Once more, only one lycanthrope in the series had this power, so it is quite rare.

Call Munin (Wolf Only)

A werewolf only power. It is the ability to communicate with and call forth the ancestral werewolf spirits of the pack. This power is highly respected and highly dangerous at the same time. The lycanthrope generally can’t choose which Munin (werewolf spirit) comes to their call without very strict training. Temporary possession by the Munin remains a possibility. However, powers available to that dead Munin, such as healing as demonstrated by Raina, become available to the one who calls the Munin while the dead spirit rides them.

Alpha Group Leader Powers

Shield the Call
As a reminder, all alpha lycanthrope leaders automatically gain the ability “Shield the Call” and can resist the call of any vampires no matter how strong.

Feed the Pack (Leader and Wolf Only)

One of the few powers that instills instant awe in all those who find out a shifter has it. While the ability itself is not that devastating, it is the symbol of having the power which makes its user that much more impressive – much like a crown has little practical purpose, but instantly signifies a king. With this ability, by sharing actual blood with others, the lycanthrope temporarily shares his or her innate power level with all those who drink of their blood. It has an almost narcotic effect outwardly, bringing great euphoria to the one who drinks it. It does not increase the raw power or strength of the person drinking it any more than taking cocaine would make a human stronger, but the imbuing of good feeling would give heart to even the most mentally-defeated person, possibly allowing them to fight longer and harder even after they would have dropped previously. This is the rarest of all lycanthrope powers.

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