Vampire Powers

You can't sneak up on a vampire.

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by Ty

Passive Vampire Abilities

Improved Strength and Speed:

Vampires possess strength and speed much higher than that of a human, complete with incomparable grace, a different sort than the animalistic fluid nature of lycanthropes. Older vampires have greater power and speed than younger. Vampires often seem much faster than they truly are, however – with their mind tricks, they can be across the room in what seems like an eye-blink.

Improved Senses:

Vampires new and old possess senses much greater than that of humans. Even the newly dead have better hearing than most dogs, and their sense of sight is much greater as well. However, they do not have a sense of taste as they cannot ingest food.

Heightened Endurance and Resistance:

Vampires are resistant to many things – in fact, regular bullets will hardly slow them down and will heal nearly instantly. Wounds dealt by silver and lycanthrope/vampire claws and fangs, however, will heal with near-human slowness. Damage inflicted by fire and holy items backed by faith, such as crosses and holy water, cause permanent scarring.

Silver won’t kill a vampire, but it can discourage them. It forces them to heal the wound almost human-slow. GP 5

I drew the 9mm and fired at Aubrey’s forehead. The bullet tossed his head back, but he just smiled and raised Edward straight-armed, legs dangling. GP 252

Dolph had his gun out and ready. Without silver plated bullets, it was better than spitting at the monster, but barely. CotD 128

Silver-plated bullets only slow down a vampire, unless you take out the head or heart. LC 74

Mesmerization with Eyes:
With direct eye contact, a vampire can mesmerize a human, hypnotizing them. This is illegal according to human law. This can be done to keep a person in temporary stasis (called mind-rolling), or have lasting effects, giving the vampire control over the human until the vampire is killed as was done to Anita’s friend in Guilty Pleasures. It can also be used to cause short-term memory loss. While crosses and other holy articles backed with faith can push back vampires, they are useless if a person is mesmerized into removing them. Even other vampires can be mesmerized with direct eye contact. Animators, necromancers, sorcerers, and alpha lycanthropes have partial or full immunity to this ability.

Anger made her eyes darken. “You’re not supposed to be able to capture another vampire with your eyes.”
“You aren’t?” he asked, his voice lilting with amazement.” BB 214

“Unless one vamp was strong enough to have mind control over Robert.” I looked down at the body, careful not to touch the circle. I forced myself to stare at what had been done to him. “No, once they started putting knives in him, I don’t think any mind control would work. A human, yeah, they could have done this to a human and made him smile while they did it, but not another vamp.” KD 198-199

Through direct eye-contact if a vampire is new or through voice-tricks (Succubus Only) or sheer presence if one is an older master, a vampire can capture the mind of his target and hold them in a hypnotized state where they are not aware what is going on. This is a skilled art rather than a thing of brute power – elegance instead of strength. It is through mind-rolling that vampires can seem to disappear or move across large distances in an instant. Once more, animators, necromancers, sorcerers, and alpha lycanthropes have partial or full immunity to this ability.

Aubrey and Valentine stood away from the wall and bowed. Then they were gone, as if they had vanished. I turned to Nikolaos.
She smiled. “Yes, I clouded your mind, and you did not see them go.” GP 212

A vampire can cloud your mind, and even hurt you, if its control is good enough, and you won’t mind. BB 56

Jean-Claude was just suddenly there, holding Janos’s wrist. Janos seemed impressed. Truthfully, so was I. I hadn’t seen him move, and apparently neither had Janos. A nifty trick, that. BB 223

Rotting (Rotting vampires ONLY)
Vampires descended from Morte d’Amour’s line are rotting vampires, who can only be killed by fire. Physical blows or their own will can cause them to rot into piles of pus-filled oozing flesh, which can be reformed into their usual forms even if they are torn to pieces. Despite the sickening appearance, there is no smell of decayed flesh. A master vampire of this line can cause another vampire of this line to rot against their will – much like an alpha lycanthrope forcing another to shift against their will, a very painful process.

Warrick made a small sound low in his throat. Black fluid burst from his mouth, pouring down his lips. He tried to scream, and all that came out was a deep, choking gurgle. He fell forward onto hands and knees. The pus-filled liquid poured from his mouth, eyes, ears. It flowed in a puddle of liquid thicker than blood. It should have stunk, but as so often happened with vampires that rotted, there was no odor. Warrick vomited his own rotting internal organs onto the floor. BO 131

Memory Thief - ((Promeneur de RÍve ONLY))This is the basic ability of the Dream Walkers Bloodline, the young vampire now has the ability to look into the eyes of their vicitim and read their most intimate memories, stealing them and locking them away for their own to use when needed. Thou once eye contact is made the person is put to sleep for a minimal or 5-10 minutes. The vampire cannot kill the vicitim and it is done to help look through the persons memories.

Amplify Emotions -  ((Promeneur de RÍve  ONLY))The Young Vampire may hieghten a single emotion in their vicitims, that is currently presence dominating the others and causing the person to react accordingly.

Other Vampire Weaknesses:
Besides the weaknesses described above, vampires have several other chinks in their armor. As said before, wounds inflicted by silver or vampire/lycanthrope claws and fangs heal at near-human slowness. Direct sunlight shone on a vampire causes them to burst into flame. Holy items such as crosses will brighten with blue light if a person of faith holds them and is threatened by a vampire – though it will keep from lighting if the vampire is not a threat to the bearer of the holy item. Contact with a cross held by a person of faith cause serious burns to even Master Vampires – the majority of vampires cannot even bear to see the light issued from crosses. The burns caused by contact from crosses and other holy items, as well as holy water (which has an effect akin to acid) and burns caused by regular fire or direct sunlight, leave permanent scars. Vampires cannot enter a residence that they have not been invited to - places of business do not count as residences. Holy wafers placed at windows and doors can keep even invited vampires out of residences or places of business.

Moderate Vampire Abilities


After a few decades as a vampire, most learn the ability of flight to varying degrees. Many have no control or grace, but others have the ability to glide, levitate, and fly with grace, speed, and power.

I would have said he fell out of the car, but that isn’t true. He floated upward before he could touch the ground. There was a backlash of wind that swept over me like a storm, and he was gone. BO 78

Voice Tricks (Succubus Only):
Vampire’s of Belle Morte’s line (and only her’s) can have the ability to roll the minds of humans and lesser lycanthropes with their voices alone. It is a very warm and pleasurable sensation and very hard to fight against it because of it. Once more, this is a power of elegance rather than power – it is a skilled use of power and not something to overwhelm a person with using force. Not all of Belle Morte’s line, even master vampires, possess this power, but it is fairly prevalent (in masters).

The sound seemed to rub over my skin; like the brush of fur. Warm and feeling ever so slightly of death. GP

Stillness / Making no Sound:
Once a vampire has existed as a vampire for several decades, he begins to come into his own power. Old vampires gain several traits, such as the ability to remain perfectly still, beyond that of anything a human can achieve. They also learn the trick of smiling without flashing their fangs – it is considered juvenile to do otherwise. Because of their grace, vampires can move similar to lycanthropes, making next to no sound. Strangely enough, other undead such as zombies and ghouls possess this same ability to move without sound.

She smiled at me, without flashing fang. A trick that the older vampires learn. CotD 38

The undead make no noise. BB 100

Waking when Threatened:
Vampires of several hundred years of age gain the ability to wake if their bodies are threatened, even during the day time. While sunlight will still destroy them, if they are inside or underground, they can rise up to kill those who attempt to slay them, just as Aubrey did when Anita attempted to slay him in his coffin.

Read Surface Thought - ((Promeneur de RÍve ONLY))    The Vampire now has the ability to read thoughts such as telepathy, enabling them to read the victims mind and what is currently being thought.

NOTE: this will read ONLY the present thoughts that are in the persons mind and not the entirity of the thoughts within.

Dream Walk - (( Promeneur de RÍve ONLY))  The Masters of Dreams now can enter ones mind in their sleep and waking hours. [aka Daydreams]..this ability will work will in their waking or death hours. They CAN manipulate the dreams, and they CAN communicate with the dreams occupant. BUT even thou they can alter the dreams course, they CANNOT KILL at this level but you can cause minor injuries, such as bruising or small lacerations, ie surface wound.

Master Vampire Powers
All Master Vampires possess the ability of flight and waking when threatened as well as the passive abilities available to all vampires. They are stronger and faster than regular vampires even if their physical appearance is smaller. A master vampire will gain powers as he ages, but there is a limit; after a few hundred years, a master vampire is as powerful as he will likely ever become, unless he takes a human servant Master Vampires possess powers over those they bring across. One of these is the ability to contact them telepathically even over great distances - this is possessed by all Master Vampires who have made vampires themselves. The non-bloodline powers that a vampire gains are completely random: a Master Vampire's maker might have a completely different set of powers than him. IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all vampires possess the ability to become a Master Vampire. Even Damian, a man and vampire strong of will and personality, did not become a Master Vampire despite being over a thousand years old. After one hundred to two hundred years, a regular vampire will know if he can become a Master Vampire.

I hadn't known that any vampire could do telepathy. Of course, before last night I hadn't known they could fly either. GP 165

Being the master vampire that brings someone over gives you certain powers over them Lunatic Cafť 219

The limit of a vampire's powers is well-established after two or three centuries. BB 206

A vamp gained power and abilities with age, but there was a limit. BO 55

Day-Walking and Early Rising (possessed to some degree by all Master Vampires):
When dawn hits, all vampires no matter how powerful must fall into their slumber. However, many strong vampires, regular and Master alike, can wake once threatened, even during the day, such as when Aubrey, an old vampire that was not a Master, did in Guilty Pleasures. All Master Vampires awake from the day-induced slumber earlier than regular vampires, though how much varies based on that vampire’s power. The stronger the vampire, the less sleep he needs, but once more, all vampires require some once dawn rises. Rarer and more awe-inspiring still is the ability to be awake and moving during the day, though direct sunlight will still destroy even these vampires. Even Mr. Oliver, the strongest vampire of all with the exception of Mother, could not cross direct sunlight without being grievously wounded.

Animal to Call:

Many Master Vampires possess the ability to call a certain animal and lycanthropes that share that beast. Through this ability, a Master Vampire can control animals and lycanthropes as his puppets. It is possible for a Master Vampire to be able to call an animal to which there is no lycanthrope – one Master Vampire in the series could call butterflies and another could call bats, for example. A strong alpha lycanthrope can fight the call of a Master Vampire, potentially protecting both himself and his people. It is important to note that not all Master Vampires have an animal to call – even strong ones like Asher and Collin. Being able to call more than one animal is even rarer, and only related animals are able to be called – for example, leopards and lions or bats and rats. It would be impossible to call both a snake and a bear, for instance. One Master Vampire possessed the unique ability to call ghosts, but the ability was just that – unique and one of a kind.
For the purposes of our room, the ability to call more than one (even related) breed of animal will be considered a prime power, which is defined at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that if a Master Vampire calls a certain lycanthrope group against their will, it can signify an act of war, possibly ending in the death of the Master Vampire – or giving him a group of servants.

Human Servant:

Some Master Vampires possess the ability to take a human servant. After four marks, each successive mark bringing the human closer to the vampire, the human and vampire are linked forever. A human servant and Master Vampire share their power – Master Vampires gain another source of energy, while human servants gain increased strength, speed, senses, partial immunity to vampire tricks, and the ability to be as immortal as the Master Vampire. Unless the human servant is an animator or necromancer, the Master Vampire can control them even against their will even if they are powerful in their own right. After four marks, if one of the two dies, the other is soon to follow.

“I thought having two of your vampire marks meant you couldn’t control my mind.”
“I cannot bewitch you with my eyes, and it is harder to cloud your mind, but it can be done.” LC 109

“My… powers are greater when my human servant is with me.” LC 193

“It is not blood I that I need, Padma. It is only a lesser master that must needs take blood from his servant.” BO 114

((Mark information borrowed from the Anita Blake Compendium))

First Mark
The vampire shares his/her "life force" with the human. This makes the human immune to their vampire's glance, voice and mind tricks. However, they might still be susceptible to other vampires. In addition, it becomes much harder to hurt the human servant.

Second Mark
Two points of flame from the vampire come and overtake the human. They merge into the human's eyes, causing them to glow briefly with color, and then they vanish. After this point, the dreams of the human can be invaded by the vampire. Also, the vampire can feed off the human from a distance, and can sustain their life energy by using the life energy of the human servant as opposed to drinking blood. The human will tend to eat much more than normal and the extra energy is siphoned off by the vampire and the vampire can taste the food that is being eaten.

Third Mark
The vampire drinks the blood of the human, not to death, but close enough. During this time, the initial bite might hurt, but then the scents and flows of power take over. Depending upon the vampire, the scent is different. This mark establishes a more firm link. Direct mind contact can now be opened between the vampire and his/her human servant, allowing telepathic contact.

Fourth Mark
The vampire opens a blood supply, usually in the chest, and the human servant drinks from it. The human servant is now very difficult to kill and will live as long as the vampire lives. Some human servants have been known to be several centuries old. The result is the human lives as long as the vampire does and possesses his/her strength and stamina, without giving up the daylight. Wounds heal much more quickly and they can withstand greater levels of physical pain.

Weaving Shadows:

Some Master Vampires possess the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness into opaque walls, forming crude shapes with them and darkening them. This power was only shown by one vampire, but is still considered a weak parlor trick.

There was a wall of darkness just beyond the orchard. It was a thick wall of shadows, so black that I couldn’t see through it. The naked tree branches were framed against the darkness.
“What is that?” I asked.
“Some of us can weave shadows and darkness around us,” Jean-Claude said. BB 255

Damage from a Distance*:
Some Master Vampires possess the very rare and powerful ability of inflicting damage from a distance. The ability to use this power skillfully and the level of power to do so vary from vampire to vampire able to use it. This power cannot be used on regular mortal humans – it requires an aura of power to target. Lycanthropes, magicked humans, fae, and other vampires are able to be targeted, however. Wearing a religious item like a cross backed with faith can make a person immune to this power.

Alejandro envied Oliver the ability to draw blood from a distance. CotD 318

She didn’t have to touch me to hurt me. She could grind my bones into dust from a nice safe distance. BB 260

Ivy lay on the floor, half-propped on her arms. Her lovely face was a mass of deep cuts. Bone gleamed in the candlelight from one cheek. Her right arm had a cut that showed muscle twitching and bloody. BB 266 (Ivy has just been attacked by damage from a distance)

“You said this slashing only works with an aura of power.” BB 351

He slashed at me through the air, but the power fell away like water parting around a rock. BM 163 (Anita wearing cross so damage from a distance failed)

Resistance to Silver*:
While silver inflicts lasting damage on most vampires, some few Master Vampires are immune to its effects. Most Master Vampires several millennia old seem to be immune to silver, but in one case it was found in a vampire barely over a century. Thus for our purposes, this power will be very rare.

“Silver is not the way. I am past silver.” CotD 317 (Alejandro)

“There are a variety of powers that a master vampire can possess. Calling an animal, levitation, resistance to silver.” Lunatic Cafť 219

Feed/Induce Lust (Succubus / Incubus ONLY):
A small number of Master Vampires descended from Belle Morte’s line have the ability to both feed on and induce lust. In fact, they must feed this need just as they must feed on blood, or their powers would wane and eventually it would kill them. This need is called the arduer - the arduer is a need to feed from lust. It is a hunger that can never be satiated, but after a fashion, it can be controlled. The only way it can be fed is through sexual energy. It does not necessarily need to be intercourse, and blood can be involved, but the main component is lust. Male vampires that can feed on lust are called an incubus – female vampires are called succubus. These vampires are very sexual creatures – their slightest movements and mere appearance will arouse even the coldest of hearts.

Orgasmic Bite* (Succubus / Incubus ONLY):

Only Asher in the series had the ability. When Asher’s fangs sink into someone’s skin, it causes orgasmic rapture to flood them, a heavily addictive pleasure even more intense than the usual lust-inducing bite of those from Belle Morte’s line. This power is rare and those who possess it are often killed to keep it that way – people become so easily addicted that those who have it often take over influential humans for their own purposes.

Feed/Induce Fear (Mora / Night-hag ONLY):

Some Master Vampires, instead of feeding upon lust, feed upon fear. A Master Vampire that can do this is called a Mora or night-hag. Just as a haze of lust surrounds an incubus or succubus, a constant cloud of terror hangs about night-hags. This field can be dampened but never completely turned off. A Mora / night-hag must feed with terror as well as blood – most actually prefer to feed on fear even over blood.

“Fear is like a drug to a night hag. My old master said it was better than blood, because she could walk through a world of fear.” BM 156

“My first master said it was like breathing to a human, something you did without thinking about it. She could intensify it, but she could never really stop it. A low level dread surrounded her at all times.” BM 157

Corruption Bite* (Rotting vampire ONLY):
One of the rarest of all talents, possessed by only two vampires in the series, and unheard of in any others throughout all of time (in other words, if you want this power, there better be a good reason!). Only a Master Vampire descended from Morte d’Amour, the line of rotting vampires, can possibly possess this power. A rotting vampire would pour some of his rotting flesh into a wound he created upon his target – this would infect the wound with the vampire’s foulness, eventually killing the afflicted target after several painful hours. Another vampire can take this foulness upon himself, draining the wound, and the original target would be saved – however, if the vampire is not strong enough to overcome the corruption, they instead will die.

“It is one of the rarest of talents. I thought that only Morte d’Amour, Lover of Death, the council member could do this.” BM 122

“We can take the corruption into ourselves, but if we are not powerful enough, it will enter us, and we will die, but your precious wereleopard will be saved either way.” BM 124

*: Powers marked with an * are “prime” powers, meaning that they are only available to characters that are “Strong Master Vampires” or “Master of the City”. As well, only one of these “prime” powers can be used by any one character in the interests of balance.

*Implant Memory / Trigger Memory - (( Promeneur de RÍve  ONLY)) The Master Vampire now has control over his own abilities and can craft and implant his own versions of memories, altering present ones or recreating their own into the victims mind, These memories are very real and are believed to be real, leaving no doubt in ones mind they really happened.

Trigger memory is in it's right own ability, or an extension of it, letting the vampire put a common phrase or word in ones mind, including any other little thing that will reacted with their senses, ie:: taste, smell , sight, touch and hearing Meaning you can put a trigger in their minds and once that trigger is activated they will recall said memory.

Greater Dream Walk - ((Promeneur de RÍve  ONLY))  This is the ability to manipulate the dream much like Freddy Kruger, where one could control the setting they are in, but the victim can still react accordingly, in able to save themselves. but the vampire is in it's own element giving him the upper hand of the situation, all depending on the person, this could kill the said person IE those with a weak heart, any injury obtained will be more then a surface wound thou nothing Mortally done can be caused, wounds obtained can cause grievance bodily harm , coma and or stroke to the person.

Strong Master

- ((Promeneur de RÍve ONLY))  This is Greater Dreamwalk in all it's ways but if you are killed in the dream you are dead. Example, if you are held under water and you drown, in reality you will affixate and water will fill your lungs killing you. All Abilities that the person has in reality will be still useable in their dreams if threatened.

IE : A lycan with Partial shift may change if the vampire shoves them over the edge, using their claws to try and cling on to whatever they have around to stop the death.

NOTE:: The Vampire can ONLY force the surrounding to change NOT the person itself.

*Mental Malestorm / Dementia ((Promeneur de RÍve ONLY))

Mental Malestorm - This is the level where the vampire may take the emotions and hieghten it to feverish hieghts, thus totally controlling it and altering the persons state of beng. Anger to Rage..making a person into a murderous killer, or Sadness to depression, causing the person to commit suicide, the ability to urge and prod subliminal messages is active with this power.

Dementia - The Vampire with this power is a scary thing indeed, enabling them to rip the worst fears and memories into reality, Dreams now become the reality of the person, where everything becomes what the vampire wishes, The Vampire is the sole focus of the memory or fear they choose to manipulate.

Example : The Vampire took the girls memory of her 5th birtday, causing the person to think she was a child and they were the parent, with no ill feelings the "child" would go to their "parent" not realizing the danger until to late, by this time you are either dead or hurt.

Fear can be taken and made reality the only way to fight this is to conquers ones fear. any dream or memory can hurt the person and even kill.

Those Marked with the * mean the vampire gets both ability but can only use one at a time, never both in the same round.

Master of the City

The Master of the City is the Master Vampire in charge of a certain region, the strongest Master Vampire in the region. Vampires in the area, regular and Master alike, swear to the Master of the City (MotC) and become part of his flock. This swearing causes a link between the MotC and his vampires. The only way to become MotC is to kill the current one. The words of the MotC as well as another pertinent quote are shown below.

"I am the Master of the City. My blood you have drunk. My flesh you have touched. You are mine, Damian. You gave yourself willing to me. Come to me now, Damian. Rise to me now. Come to my hand." BO 126

“I should be able to feel my people, ma petite. If I concentrate, it is like… background noise. I can feel the ebb and flow of them. In extreme duress I can feel their pain, their fear.” BO 69

**Credit for Promeneur de RÍve Bloodline:: Thank you Wycked Jester and VIPER for the concept. Miz and jayded power list.

General Vampire power lists, credit to Ty and Smiley**

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