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A note: Humans have an extensive array of types and the powers available to them. For this reason, we're leaving human powers up to the players. The admin will still check over the powers to ensure they are reasonable, but if we were to list out everything that a human might be able to do, it would take us literally weeks. As powers are posted and accepted, we will snag them and post a generally named version for others to look at, as ideas for what they can do. Please, feel free to personalize your magic/abilities. Thank you.
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Null: A null is a human that has no special abilities, but beyond this, they are not sensitive in the least to magical emanations. A very large amount of people have some degree of sensitivity towards preternatural emanations, but nulls do not. These are run of the mill humans.

Sensitive: A sensitive is a human with no special abilities that can still sense magic afoot, but probably will not even realize what he is sensing. Sensitives often get “gut instincts” and “hunches” that pay off – these are usually dismissed as luck. Most sensitive humans do not even know they have this ability.

Clairvoyant: Clairvoyants are extremely sensitive humans that can pick up feelings, memories, or even visions from touching objects or people. Most strong clairvoyants view this ability as more of a curse than a gift – clairvoyants usually end up closeting themselves away from all others to get away from their visions. Clairvoyants have a history with working for the police in murder investigations, but they tend to avoid evil or violent people, unable to deal with the visions that arise from them.

Renfield: A Renfield is a human with a few bites from a vampire – they are often mistaken as human servants by those ignorant of vampire ways. Before the movie Dracula, vampires just referred to Renfields as slaves.

Human Servant: A human servant is a human bonded to a vampire through a series of marks, each one tying the human closer to the vampire. A human servant with full marks shares in a vampire’s power, lending him super-human strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. A detailed mention of marks can be found on the Vampire Powers page under the Human Servant power.

Pyrokinetic: Pyrokinetics are extremely rare individuals that can control and ignite fire with their thoughts alone. They are rare for many reasons – they tend to have a variety of mental problems and are hunted by vampires to keep their kind culled. A pyro’s own aura keeps him from burning even in the middle of a firestorm, though smoke will still asphyxiate them. For the purposes of our room, pyrokinetics can control existing flames or stream fire in the form of a torch or fire-bolt – there will be no snapping of the fingers and igniting individuals from across the room without a medium of some kind.

“There’s a theory that a pyro’s aura keeps them from burning. When you touched his skin, you were too close to his own aura, his own protection, to burn.” BO 4

Witch: Witches are the most varied and loosely defined class of humans in the Anita Blake series. They hold a variety of powers – healing, creation of charms, curses, using lycanthrope skins to shift, attacking the aura of other beings, and more still. There are many kinds of witches, most usually pagan and benevolent. Typical witches cannot cause harm with their powers, except through some sort of medium such as a lycanthrope skin.

“A curse is like the ultimate act of will. You just gather all your power, magic, whatever, and focus it on one person. You will them to be cursed.” Lunatic Café 63

“It is possible by magic to take a shifter’s skin and use it to shapeshift yourself. You get all of the advantages, greater strength, speed, ect…. And you are not tied to the moon.” Lunatic Café 314-315

I fired at her as I ran. The shots went wild, but it broke some of her concentration and I could feel Asher again. His life was being pulled out of him like a fish on a string. I could feel his blood thundering against his skin. His heart leaped in his chest like a caged thing struggling to get out, and it was her his heart was trying to get to, as if she could pull his heart from his chest from a distance. BM 377-378

Animator / Voodoo Priest/Priestess: Animators and practitioners of voodoo are raisers of the dead. The most common use of their power is the raising of zombies – the exact ritual for this is detailed elsewhere in the site. The main difference between these two breeds is morality – while both raise the dead, practitioners of voodoo are often steeped in dark rituals, involving human sacrifices at times for the heightened power it brings. For the purposes of our room, an animator or voodoo practitioner may raise 1 to 3 zombies at any one time, depending on their level of power. Voodoo practitioners may control a monster instead, composed of many human and animal corpses and piled into a monstrosity that is nearly indestructible. These use of zombies and monster at the same time is not allowed. Voodoo practitioners may also make magical charms called gris-gris, but the creation of these permanently lowers the magical power of the practitioner unless they are re-absorbed. Both animators and voodoo practitioners have some resistance to vampire mind-rolling and can sense the ages and powers of vampires just by being near them.

Zombies are not inhumanly strong. But they can use every ounce of strength; they don’t save anything. Almost any human can do a superhuman feat, once. Pop muscles, tear cartilage, snap your spine, but you can lift the car. Only inhibitors in the brain prevent us all from destroying ourselves. Zombies don’t have inhibitors. The corpse could literally tear me apart while it tore itself apart. LC 131

Necromancer: A necromancer is very similar to animators and voodoo practitioners. However, where they have a gift that must be trained, necromancers hold sway over the dead naturally. As well, rather than raise zombies, necromancers prefer to raise spirits to call forth answers from the dead. The undead with no current orders will obey them without the use of power and they can raise zombies and create and control monsters similar to voodoo practitioners. However, they cannot make charms like voodoo practitioners unless trained. Necromancers are rare and hunted by vampires, as vampires fear that necromancers may somehow gain influence over them. Also, very strong necromancers possess the ability to work even during the day, provided they are under cover. And an important note: Anita Blake was a necromancer, but she was an exception to the rule – most necromancers are not nearly as strong or as versatile with power as she is.

“I have never heard of a necromancer who could raise the dead in broad daylight,” Jean-Claude said.
Dominic shrugged gracefully. It reminded me of Jean-Claude. It takes a couple hundred years to make a shrug pretty. “I don’t know about broad daylight, but just as some vampires can walk around during the day, as long as they are sufficiently sheltered, I believe the same principle would apply to necromancers.” KD 282

Sorcerer: Sorcerers are demon-summoners, those who traffic with demons or worse things for power. They tend to be even more deranged than pyrokinetics, craving violence and sacrifices as a need, as much as food or water. Their powers are detailed in the quotes below. As sorcerers are rare and powerful things, a specific storyline must be submitted to the admins in order to play a character of this nature.

You didn’t call something this evil without a circle of protection either for the sorcerer to stand in or for the beastie to be put inside of. Anita Blake, Page 308 Blue Moon

When I crossed the circle, I got that feeling of evil. No matter how monstrous the critter, it doesn’t feel the same as something dedicated to evil and no other purpose. Anita Blake, Page 312 Blue Moon

“Trafficking with the demonic taint the soul.” Anita Blake, Page 312 Blue Moon

The sacrifice had been killed with a knife, but the soul had been taken. And I couldn’t raise the body. If a demon was involved in the death, then the body was just so much clay. Anita Blake, Page 315 Blue Moon

“Misguided people have told me I was crazy, Anita. But I did hear voices, my Master’s voice.” Linus Beck, Page 325 Blue Moon

“Sorcerers were people who got their power from demonic – or worse – power.” Anita Blake, Page 325 Blue Moon

I stared across the meadow and found that there was something else in the circle. I wasn’t sure if it was the blackness of it that made it hard to see, or if it was like smoke, never exactly one shape. It seemed to be about man height, maybe eight feet, not much more. It was so thin that it looked like it was made of sticks. Its legs were longer than they should have been, bent wrong somehow. I realized that the longer I stared at it, the more solid it was becoming. The neck was a long serpentine, bent back on its shoulders like a heron, and it had a beak for a mouth. If it had eyes, I couldn’t see them. The face looked blind and only half-formed. Anita Blake, Page 402 Blue Moon

Part-Fae: The faes are the Sidhe and Fairy Folk – however, despite the Merry Gentry series being written by the same author, we believe that series to be separate from the Anita Blake series. However, it was stated that there were still humans with fae blood in them. Raw Head and Bloody Bones was the only pure fae left in North America, so we will not be allowing any pure faes. Part faes are welcome and can have a series of potential powers (but not all of the following): enhanced strength (comparable to a lycanthrope), visions upon touch, glamour (illusions), and the stroking of lust. All people of fae bloodlines are immune to silver much like vampires are immune to regular bullets. Wounds caused by anything other than cold iron heal faster than human, especially by the light of the moon.

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