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((Much of the information below is attributed to Sanguine Twilight & Hippolyta))

Ghouls crawl out of their graves on their own - they are not raised like zombies. They also don't rot like zombies but retain their form more like vampires. They are more than animal intelligent, but not by much. They are cowards and won't attack a person unless they are hurt or unconscious. Ghouls don't work with humans, or any other undead. They're like pack animals, but alot more dangerous. If you're not a ghoul, you're either meat or something to hide from.

Cemeteries that have ghoul infestations are usually very old or have satanic or certain voodoo rites performed in them. The evil sort of uses up the blessings, until the ground becomes unholy. Once that happens, ghouls either move in or rise from the graves. No one's sure exactly which.


Ghosts can't actually hurt you as long as you keep moving and ignore them. Every time you notice them, you give them power to manifest themselves. When they pass through you, it feels like a shock of electricity.


Trolls look a bit human, and they are primates. There are a few trolls in the US.

The Lesser Smokey Mountain Troll is one of the smallest of the North American trolls They average between three and a half feet to five feet. They are mostly vegetarians but will supplement their diet with carrion and insects. The North American Cave Troll is the only species on this continent smaller than the Lesser Smokey.

Trolls were the first protected species in America. 

The Greater Smokey Mountain Trolls were eight to twelve feet tall and carnivorous, and was not protected. It was hunted to extinction; but then, it pulled up large trees and beat the tourists to death and sucked the marrow from their bones. Hard to get good press that way.


Shapeshifters A condition that differs from Lycathropy. Shapeshifters are usually caused by a curse or is a herditary condition; and they are not bound to the moon.  Shapeshifting can also be produced from the skin of a lycan and a spell. But here we are discussing "natural" shapeshifters. The following are examples of Shapeshifters
The Weresnakes

Lamia are immortal, yet have been listed as extinct in St. Louis for 200 years. They are half human and half snake. A bite from a Lamia is deadly. Once bitten, the wound swells and becomes purple. Internal bleeding follows, where blood flows out of every orifice, until the victim dies.


Naga are also immortal. They are part of Hindu legend and are often portrayed as snakes, specifically cobra. Sometimes, they are shown in snake form with a human head. In human form, they possess a single pearl between their eyes. They are the guardians of pearls and raindrops.

The Wereswans

Wereswans are at the bottom of the food chain and are often terriorized even by Wererats. Misunderstood and unappriciated, they are mostly seen as food or something beautiful to collect and show around. Swanmanes often seek the protection of a Swanking or wereswan as they are often to fragile even in human form to do nothing but run away and scream.

- Swans are no effected by the lunar cycles like werewolves and wereleopards.

- Swans can change at will and it isn't such a task as it is with the leopards and wolves due to being of a weaker race. Their life often depends on this ability of being able to slip the skin faster then those that would harm them.

- Swans have very pale skin with pink undertones in their human form. Their body hair is very fine and almost resembles down feathers.

- All Swans are white. (unless otherwise approved by admin: black swan are very rare!)

- Swanmane are the epitome of grace, beauty and agility in all forms and are often mistaken for being very pure and noble(of course, this isn't always the case).

- Swan lycanthropy can only be passed two ways. Through heredity (parents being both swans), or being cursed as one by a Witch.

- Swanmane do not have the lethal allergy to silver as other forms of lycanthropy do. Like werecobra's, a bullet is a bullet and can kill them be it silver or regular.

- Only very experienced, or "high ranking" Swanmane can take the middle form. The middle form resembles an angel, and many humans who've seen the swanmane in their middle form do infact, mistake them for angelic beings. They are usually taller than their human form and they are covered in beautiful snow white down feathers. They do not have beaks, but rather their facial features are enhanced and their eyes are usually a piercing blue. On their head, where their once was hair, are large contour feathers, and on their back is a pair of beautiful wings, quite capable of lifting the swanmane and taking flight. Their wingspan varies, but is usually about 6-8 feet from tip to tip. (players put in request to take middle form..will be by admin discretion only.)

- Because Swanmane are potential meals for practically every other race of lycanthropes, they have evolved ways in which to avoid being made dinner. They are very fast when they need to be, and their speed is comparable even to an aged vampire. This enhanced speed can only be tapped, however, during an adrenaline rush, in that moment of the proverbial "fight or flight".

- In order to be a true "SwanKing" you must be born with a specific birthmark. That being a birthmark in the shape of a swan.

- Male Swans mate for life. If their chosen mate dies, they often die shortly after from depression with no will whatsoever to live. And, if their mate is in distress or threatened with harmful intent, they will do all they can to protect them- often risking their own lives, no matter the cost. The same goes for their flocks of swanmane even if they are not their mates.

Love sucks. Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it's just another way to bleed. -LKH