Supernatural Etiquette

Didn't your mamma teach you manners?

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To greet another pack member, the general method is to rub one's cheeks and then bury one's nose behind the ear of the other, and vice versa, smelling the skin found there.
When a submissive greets a dominant in public, it is usually a soft kiss, but in private, they may lick the lower lip of the dominant.
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Greetings: Leopards commonly offer a wrist in greeting, the lesser will reach to the more dominant first. Taking their wrist, a gentle kiss or lick is then placed on the hand of the dominant. When a dominant greets a lessor, they will do the same, or place their teeth in a firm but gentle nip or bite on the hand.

"Cherry slid off the bed, kneeling behind me. She reached a hand up to me, and I took it. She licked a quick tongue across my hand, a greeting only the leopards used..."
Pettition For Protection
Used by most lycans. The weaker or lesser lycan will move to stand slightly behind the more dominant/stronger lycan, signaling they are asking for protection. If the dominant/stronger lycan steps back and touches the petitioner, it shows they are willing to stand up for them. If not, then protection has been denied.

"Jamil ... motioned to Jason. "Ask for my protection."
Jason came to his side with a smile. He stood very close but was careful not to touch. Jamil put an arm across his shoulders, obviously protective, almost a hug."
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Exposing the Neck
A sign of submission among main lycan groups. Showing that you consider yourself weaker, less dominant then another lycan, and submitting to that dominance . If they believe themselves more dominant to you, they will bite you on the neck. The harder they bite indicates how much stronger they deem themselves, or simply how they feel about you. A strong alpha might simply nip if they are friendly with the supplicant. If they dislike them or are angry with them, they might cause an injury to the neck.
Drawing blood on someone's exposed neck is always a show of dominance and superiority unless done durning a sex act
Greeting Quotes
"We offer our throat, or wrist, or the bend of our elbow to each other as a formal greeting. The lesser offer up their flesh to the greater as an acknowledgement of power." BO 87

It was a greeting among the vampires to plant a light kiss above the big pulse in the throat. It was a gesture reserved for the very closest of friends. It showed great trust and affection. To refuse it meant you were angry or distrustful. BO 48


He offered me his wrist, and when I didn’t know quite what he wanted he laid my fingertips over the pulse. "You touch me as if you were taking my pulse."

"Is there some significance to this?"

"It shows you are more than my servant or my bed partner. It shows I consider you an equal." BO 121

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